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We love small business, and we want to support you to ensure your long-term success. By joining My Business Neighbourhood, you will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with entrepreneurs who want to help make our community better while growing their business in an ethical way.

We work hard to create true value for you, at an accessible cost. Membership starts at just $50 per year, and gets you great savings on items such as:

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  • Health Benefits
  • Advice from local business experts

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Community & Ethics

Community is at the core of everything that we do; our parent organization - Neighbourhood Watch London - supports over 20,000 members in more than 460 micro communities to help make our city better. Every member of Neighbourhood Watch works to benefit their community, and we expect the same from our My Business Neighbourhood Members. Keeping this in mind, we ask you for the following:

  • Integrity is at the core of everything that we do.
  • Neighbourhood Watch London is an inclusive organization, and we expect the same of our membership.
  • All members must respect the privacy and rights of all of their fellow members, customers and stakeholders.
  • To not engage in deceitful or misleading marketing tactics.
  • To not use My Business Neighbourhood as a vehicle to promote hate, discrimination or intolerance.
  • To not use social media to propagate false or misleading information.
  • To cease any marketing, outreach or social media immediately upon notification from My Business NeighbourhoodNeighbourhood Watch London or Over 55 (our partner organization).
  •  To accept all decisions, including changes to, or termination of membership, as binding and final.

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