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Exclusive Benefits for My Business Neighbourhood Members

Great Benefits, Discounts, and More - Just For You!

Our team has worked hard to create the only local, membership based organization that is truly independent and focused on serving small businesses. We are here to serve you - our mandate is to ensure that socially responsible businesses are able to grow and contribute to our community over the long-term.

Member Only Discounts Designed to Save You Time and Money.
  • Access to our MYBN Wholesale Printing Service where you can save up to 50% on your current printing costs.
  • Access to our MYBN custom products shop where you can save up to 25% on your current custom merchandise costs.
  • Photography Service for Product shots, Portraits and Website Photography at group discount prices.
Advice from Local Business Professionals

We have assembled a Team of Business Professionals to provide you with free 30 minute consultations in the following areas - all of which can be delivered in a COVID-19 friendly manner.

    • Services Covered:

      • Legal
      • Accounting
      • Bookkeeping
      • Insurance
      • Human Resources
      • Marketing
      • Social Media
      • Websites
      • Graphic Design
      • Shopping Cart Additions
      • Technology Training via Over 55
    Affordable Group Health Benefits Customized to Fit Your Needs

    We have come to an agreement with Precise Benefits to offer our members group health benefits that are designed to meet the needs of our Business Neighbourhood Community.
    You no longer have to have 100s of employees to get good rates. Collectively, as a member of My Business Neighbourhood, you get access to the rates of large companies.
    The Health, Dental & Travel components are underwritten by Manulife Canada who developed this Fantastic Program and we are so pleased to be able to offer this to you.

    Access to Webinars and Learning
    • Webinars & Seminars will be designed specifically for the London Business Community with topics that will appeal to every business owner.
    • Our My Business Neighbourhood Webinars & Seminars are free to our members.
    • As an added bonus the My Business Neighbourhood Webinars & Seminars will be archived on the members’ only site for review at any time.
    • My Business Neighbourhood Webinars & Seminars will be in held in class or online for your added convenience.
    Expand Your Footprint With Community Networking
    • Be part of a collective voice for London's small business owners.
    • Meet and mingle with other business owners.
    • Share real business leads.
    • Collaborate on shared issues.
    • All events are COVID-19 safe.
    • A nominal fee is charged for administration and venue costs.
    Internal & External Marketing Opportunities
    • Take advantage of ethical advertising opportunities to market your business to the over 20,000+ Neighbourhood Watch London members.
    • Be featured in community newsletters
    • Donate to our community auctions for an even wider reach!

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    • After 30 days, you will be billed for your annual membership dues.
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