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My Business Neighbourhood & Neighbourhood Watch

Since 1983, Neighbourhood Watch London, its 450+ volunteers and 20,000+ members have worked to make our community better through the following mandate: to help build better communities by offering programs and supports focused on safety, reducing social isolation, increasing civic participation and improving community engagement. 

My Business Neighbourhood was formed from these same core values: businesses are the cornerstone to a healthy and safe community.  With our help and commitment, London Businesses will be the driving force behind our economic recovery.

Our Story

My Business Neighbourhood isn't just another association out to charge membership fees in exchange for little or no value. It has the support of 20,000+ members who care about supporting our local businesses.

One of our valued Neighbourhood Watch members said it best:

“How can we continue to support our local businesses? Because without them we have no neighbourhood.”

Using this approach, we continued to build our program, by creating exclusive costs savings, workshops, networking events, unique ethical marketing opportunities, and a forum to provide a strong, collective voice for our local entrepreneurs.

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Our Guiding Principles

To promote, educate and bring together local businesses for their mutual success. We leverage our 20,000+ Neighbourhood Watch members to create supports and benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to an individual small business owner. We advocate for our local businesses, and bring them together to form a collective voice to ensure that their needs, opinions and feedback are heard.

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London, ON

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